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Lineolated Parakeet (Barred Parakeet): Bird Species Profile

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The lineolated parakeet or even barred parakeet, called for its own great lines or even barred markings, is just one of the calmest as well as quietest members of the parrot household, producing all of them excellent pets. At times incorrect for budgies, lineolated parakeets or even “linnies” are actually a bit stockier. And also, unlike budgies, these birds delight in walking about as long as they do soaring. Linnies like to stroll and also branch with their physical bodies practically matching or horizontal to the ground, while budgies stand or even rest upright. These birds additionally like to play in the water.

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Lineolated parakeet, disallowed parakeet, Catherine parakeet, linnie

TAXONOMIC NAME: Bolborhynchus lineola

GROWNUP SIZE: 6 to 7 ins

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 years on average in captivity however can get to twenty years along with effective care

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Origin and also History

Lineolated parakeets of various subspecies live in the wilds of Mexico, Central America, and also South America. In the untamed, they stay in groups of up to Twenty birds.


When properly looked after and hand-fed as infants, lineolated parakeets create collected as well as enchanting characters. They are actually surprisingly social birds by nature, and they really love to hang around with (as well as remaining on) their owners. Concerning the exact same measurements as a budgie or even lovebird, it often has a calmer disposition than either bird.

Recognized to create funny little animals, the very social lineolated parakeet creates an incredibly entertaining relative, constantly willing to hang around enjoying with its own individual flockmates. Any individual thinking about using some of these birds should be sure that they have a lot of opportunity to spend engaging along with their brand-new family pet, as lineolated parakeets birthed easily and also need to have substantial daily playtime.

A lineolated parakeet’s organic call is actually just about song-like as well as soft. This intelligent varieties may know to speak as well as whistle. Considering that it is a quieter species, you can keep a lineolated parakeet in a flat or even similar casing where you possess conscientious next-door neighbors.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

These playful birds are quieter than the majority of parakeets– they have a tendency to chatter as opposed to screech as well as can be incredibly capable talkers, proclaiming accurately, though with an even more limited vocabulary than other parrots. These birds are great at imitating noises as well as whistles.

Lineolated Parakeet Colors as well as Markings

Lineolated parakeets in bush display screen mostly environment-friendly feathers coated along with sinister and also dark environment-friendly red stripes on their sides, parts, and backs. The undersurfaces of the segments are blue as well as the tail plumes are dark dark-green. They possess brown eyes and horn-colored beaks. Captive-bred lineolated parakeets may show a variety of different colors mutations– the plumes change shade after leaving behind the wild– consisting of blue, cobalt, blue-green, and white colored.

Male and girls are actually nearly the same, although careful observers might notice that the dark red stripes are much more countless on guys.

Taking care of the Lineolated Parakeet

This is actually a little bird that doesn’t require a huge cage, although much bigger is consistently much better. For a singular lineolated parakeet, the bare minimum required is a 24-inch square cage, offered you are providing the bird adequate outside-the-cage time daily. These birds additionally perform very effectively in aviary environments with other linnies or even associated small species, but be aware that tiny flocks might be a little noisy.

They are actually not notorious for harm, lineolated parakeets, like all parrot species, will chew and munch, so deliver your bird with lots of acceptable nibble playthings and also natural lumber divisions that will assist it identify when nibbling is appropriate.

Your lineolated parakeet should be actually permitted away from his cage to interact with the family members for numerous hrs on a daily basis. These birds like to walk about on home furniture and floors, and some proprietors report that the birds like to burrow under blankets and materials.

Like other parrots, the lineolated parakeet may undergo a difficult teen duration where they attack and also bite, but this quickly passes and also is actually usually not much of a trouble, as the birds may not be sizable enough to accomplish intense damage. This teen duration soon offers as well as passes means to an adorable family pet.

The nails on a lineolated parakeet grow very swift and also are going to need to have normal trimming. Create certain your bird can preen as well as dry off in a space that is actually certainly not drafty.

Common Health Problems

Lineolated parakeets and also budgies are actually at risk to several of the same illness as other parrot types, and these are frequently disastrous in such little birds where treatment is hard.

Many various other complications with small parrots such as linnies as well as budgies can be actually vitamin deficiencies, which may be actually dealt with and also stopped by making certain the diet plan is actually assorted and also includes new fruit product as well as veggies, certainly not merely seeds.

Parakeets are actually specifically vulnerable to fatty tumors, and also several experts highly recommend supplying these tiny birds sprouted seeds as a safety net.

Diet plan and Nutrition

In the wild, this bird consumes several seeds, larvae, fruits, as well as insects. Similar to any kind of hookbill varieties always kept as an animal, it is vital to ensure that imprisoned lineolated parakeets are supplied a diet regimen of high quality seed as well as pellet mix, alongside a range of bird-safe fresh fruits and veggies.

A bird is going to consume up to 1 tbsp of meals per time. Deal fresh fruit products and vegetables every various other time, along with its own seed and pellet mix.

Lineolated parakeets take pleasure in fresh sprouts and also spray millet. Promotion calcium mineral in the form of a cuttlebone or even a mineral block.


Lineolated parakeets are actually incredibly active birds that invest a ton of energy in bush playing and also socializing along with their flockmates, scouring for food items, as well as ensuring that predators are certainly not targeting all of them.

Typically, a lineolated parakeet needs 3 to 4 hrs of out-of-cage playtime daily to receive sufficient workout. Potential owners need to see to it that they can monitor their birds in a safe, bird-proofed area in the course of these play sessions.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Lineolated Parakeet

Dog breeders market lineolated parakeets in the range of $200 to $300. You may likewise discover this bird through rescue or adoption organizations. If you’re going the dog breeder route, make certain that the dog breeder is reliable through inquiring how much time they’ve been operating as well as reproducing with the species.

Make certain that the bird you desire to take away is alert, active, and shows all the indicators of a healthy and balanced bird, such as brilliant eyes, well-maintained feathers, and full plants. Savings, fostering companies, as well as breeders where you can easily find lineolated parakeets include:

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The lineolated parakeet or prevented parakeet, called for its fine pipes or prevented taggings, is one of the calmest and also quietest participants of the parrot household, creating all of them optimal household pets. Due to the fact that it is a quieter types, you can keep a lineolated parakeet in an apartment or even comparable casing where you possess close neighbors.

Lineolated parakeets in the wild display primarily eco-friendly feathers covered with dark and also dark eco-friendly stripes on their wings, sides, and backs. Captive-bred lineolated parakeets can easily show a variety of shade mutations– the feathers modify different colors after leaving behind the untamed– consisting of blue, cobalt, turquoise, and white.

For a single lineolated parakeet, the basic minimum is actually a 24-inch square crate, supplied you are offering the bird plenty of outside-the-cage opportunity each day.